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Chapter 3 – Harris’s Funeral (Revised1)

Driving to Presentation Parish, she could only see the road through her teary eyelashes and her fogged up sunglasses. She drove quickly and wondered about Harris’s family. She drove out of the city up Storrow Drive. She didn’t ever want to be on Memorial Drive again. So far, she had avoided it and she thought she could cross the river and get almost anywhere from the other side of the Charles River.

Her thoughts wandered to their first few weeks together and the constant laughter. The beginning, like most beginnings was glorious. She kept driving and tried to stay on the road, at the speed posted. She maneuvered the intersection of Storrow and the service road by the ice rink. Harris took her skating there. Kate wondered if everywhere she went, she would be reminded of things that they did together. The sharpness of the day and the harshness of the sun surprised her.

When grief strikes so close to one’s heart, the simple tasks, the routine tasks take such effort, she thought. She couldn’t recall much since the news of his murder. She had dream-walked through her days.

Kate wore a black skirt, a black lacey t-shirt and of course, black tights and high heels. She had on a black tailored jacket. She wore no makeup, no lipstick and her hair straight, hid her face. She was apprehensive. She thought his family might blame her for his murder.


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