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#CrimeBake - times six!

CrimeBake sponsored by two groups-SistersinCrime & Mystery Writers - NE. Absolutely, psyched this year, as the Guest of Honor Ann Cleeves would be at the Conference - around and hopefully accessible. She was and it was fabulous. Cleeves spoke to her writing process and the settings- how they support the narrative. Absolutely not disappointing.

Twitter had a quick 'tweet' about Cleeves being at the local library and I attended that ahead of the actual conference. As it wasn't publiicized quite enough - there were few patrons & that was actually quite wonderful for me. Cleeves did speak to her personal journey, setting and the books -Shetland, Vera & the latest. I was totally enthralled.

Now the question really becomes whether or not the money out for CrimeBake & hotel costs and volunteering to get into the inner circle and meet Cleeves was worth - all that. I am not sure of the answer - I am thinking Not So Much.

Adjunct Faculty are living to the bone & I am in that club. The CrimeBake was interesting- panels and what-not; but I have attened five before this year. Anything new? Hmmm...not really! Fabulous menu for Banquet that cost $60 bucks...Nope.

Feeling 'Kum ba yah' & appreciated - No, not one tiny bit. Very elitist groups of writers - reminded me so vividly of high school cliques! You're in or you're out! I was out then, and unbeknownst to me - still out- now.

The motto - yes, there is one - Keep writing. Stay focussed and move your own writing life forward. The rest...well, who wants to go back to High School.


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