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Paris - Again. Paris in Springtime! Oh la la!

March 20, 2019 Paris, France

Wednesday AM

How difficult it is to get a cup of coffee - wowza, very hard!

I am at Tuillieres & there's multiple cafes - closed. At one now- just past 11:00AM & am at a small table - there's only one other group- cafe only!

Guess, it's a start. Honestly, glad to be here - same cafe as last summer, where I met my Russian artist family. We had such a nice visit; the daughter- and her mother. Very nice!

I'm here again & now it's cool - ahh...last summer too hot & too humid.

I'm plannnig on visiting Petit Palais - ten minutes throught Jardin. So amazing that I'm here again - very familiar and comfortable. Ooops, 5.10 euros for a coffee plus tip $8 bucks - Yikes!

Impressions - still in Jardin & at a lovely pond with fountain & Parisian green chairs! I'm directly lined up with Obilesk with gold tipped top - and further ack in the distance is the Arch (de Triumphe) I don't know, for sure.

A group of sweet teens have flooded the area..the sound of their conversations- sweet, youthful - excurberant. They are separated by gender. The girls to my left - close - adorable- fussing with each other....flow of French- subdued.

The boys are further down. There's more of them & they shout to the wind - one loud & I recognize the word - Merde-which is out there- very playfully-all- joyful! sweet!

Tons - lots - major groups of Asians- everywhere- they are buying the world!

It's cool & sun peeeping through clouds- often.

Far left - Musee D'Orangerie - the most authentic & manageable musee - from last summer. I'd like to stop in - it's three minutes from where I sit. However, time is brief and I thouht Petit Palais may be the place - for today. We'll see - to be determined.

Did I mention how glad I am to be back in Paris?


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