• jeannecosmos

Royal Court Theater to Wyndham Theater! Taxi!

Thursday-early evening, I saw a brilliant play @ Royal Court Theater & taxid over to Wyndham Theater- near Leicester & just outside of Trafalgar Square.

So, in a pub across from the theater & had fish & chips- small rose & a guy sat nearby & just so - spilled his beer everywhere. Spilled his beer on me.

After the mop up by a kid at the pub- he ( the guy) chatted me up. Finishing his beer- what was left of it - he ame over & told me that he's from South Afrika- living in London for the past fifteen years - he says 'It's just allright. Too many people!' Interesting.

He was about fiftly? late 40s, maybe, long black hair - looked like he was on his way home after work. White business shirt, smart slacks and a leather briefcase-messenger case.


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