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Sloan Square -London - Boston girl in the city!

Sloane Square - Royal Court Theater, London.

Very early for the play-so, cafe in the basement for coffee/bar/shoppe. Off I went after a lengthy cab ride from Trafalgar Square to this spot. A matinee, as I cannot get enough theater & being here is a brief stay.

A few interesting people. -Two guys & their lovely English accents -charming? Both quite old & I'm wondering if they're part of the productin.

Maybe? And a young guy on the other side of me - totally plugged in - to his music - he, too, bowl of coffee - & writing - writing!

Fortunatelly, it is cool & concrete - not holding the heat, but coolness? Ahhhh, I'm thankful! London has been 'overheated' - too hot -- for the most part - & central air isn't the norm.

So, the play! I recognized two of the major actors & thus - I got tix. Hopeful, that it is a truly- West End production! I've journeyed quite far for these palys - four of them!!!

They say that this theater is for writers? We'll see if that's true.

Girls-girls-girls - watching three workers -pretty - but non-descript- & thinking how my sons are oh-so-right! Who'd want them? Thes nondescript, too talky chatty, giggly girls??


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