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Tennesse Williams - Night of the Iguana - London

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Night of the Iguana-Tennessee Williams - I've seen the movie. Ahh...but Clive Owens.

Lucked out w/ 3rd row center seat - & must say the scenery was lush- Owens - even more so- his performance - smart, introspective- natural & fabulous.

Thursday. Four productions in six days - London, West End - too fabulous to catch my breathe.

The production was the most exciting visual, language, dialogue, sets, character development in front of one's eyes - when you want the time to slow down. Clive Owens and company - pitch perfect. My trip to London from Boston was worth this experience...the time & effort. The rest was 'gravy' as they say..whoever the 'they' happen to be. I did attend three more theater productions in the course of a few days..but this one..memorable.


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